Best Recruitment Software in India for Hiring Process

10 Best Recruitment Software in India for Improved Hiring Process (2023)

Published By Dakshyani Das


Recruitment is one of the most essential operations in any organization as it helps find the right employees for undertaking business processes efficiently; having a well-trained employees can be the difference between being successful and going bankrupt.
With the rise of the digital age, we are using purpose-built software for undertaking critical business processes and dedicated HR recruitment software helps streamline the process of candidate management and hiring employees for an organization.
Hence, we are sharing the 10 best recruitment software in India, which provides enhanced options for streamlining and automating most of the administrative tasks associated with hiring the right staff members to undertake the business processes.
Some of these systems even have AI-enabled modules to identify a candidate who would be the right fit for the vacant position based on their previous experience and aptitude. Some of them also comes with free trial for checking out the features before payment. Hence, let us check out the best recruitment software in India.

Best Recruitment Software in India with Applicant Tracking System for Enhanced Recruitment Process

While choosing the 10 best recruitment software in India for this list, we set criteria on which the applicant tracking system and other recruitment software can be evaluated.

Additionally, our comprehensive review process involved rigorously testing every aspect of each of these systems to understand the best from a whole slew of recruitment software available in the Indian Human Resources software domain.

Hence, let us check out the 10 best recruitment software in India for 2023:

1. Pocket HRMS

Pocket HRMS is a user-friendly AI-based cloud HRMS and recruitment management system in India that consists of a well-developed talent acquisition module, which includes job requisition, job posting, and more.
Being a complete HRMS, the system provides a dedicated candidate portal and paperless onboarding experience to newly appointed staff members and new hires, helping you improve your employer brand and employee referrals.
It can also be integrated with other major HR and accounts-related software to provide a seamless experience for the staff.
As for the functionality of the software, Pocket HRMS allows you to set the company profile while also fetching the recruitment location information from the recruitment data.
It can also publish newly created jobs to the company website, social media and job boards, making the process seamless for the HR teams.
Additionally, it also provides hiring templates that help create job postings and company briefs for effective internal job postings campaigns for hiring managers.
It also includes comprehensive candidate management options such as the ability to add and import candidates in bulk, view, share and edit their details, as well as disqualify them at any stage of the talent acquisition process.
Moreover, the system also has a candidate timeline option for an enhanced overview of the candidate’s journey. It also provides options for interview scheduling, job posting to job boards, job requisition, free trial, hiring task management, and more.
Furthermore, a dedicated job management system helps you create jobs with in-depth job outlines with targeted keywords. It also helps you upload your job postings using templates on several job boards and social media platforms.
All these features are augmented with a candidate self-service portal, completely digital onboarding, and insightful candidate analytics, making Pocket HRMS one of the most sophisticated recruitment systems in India. It even has a free trial for providing a quick overview of the system.

2. Freshteam

Freshteam is a smart HR and recruiting software, that enables quality hiring for recruiting companies within a short time.
The software can leverage the power of the internet to find the best candidates and hire them quickly, by integrating with social media, hiring platforms, and job portals, making the recruiting process much easier for the HR departments.
The system also provides the option to manage job requisition and parse them securely to shortlist qualified candidates more quickly.
As a result, it can provide multiple task management such as complete candidate management, multiple job boards and postings, applicant tracking, and resume selection, with limited input from the HR teams.
Freshteam also has its own Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), which helps cover even the passive candidates and create a talent pool.
It also comes with over 100 built-in templates which allows you to keep your candidates interested in your company.
The system also provides the option for the candidates to schedule interviews, as well as provides numerous options for candidate engagement, including sending notifications.
Additionally, the system can also send offer letters automatically as soon as the candidate agrees to the conditions of the job offer.

3. GoHire ATS

GoHire ATS is a comprehensive recruitment solution and an applicant tracking software system that can streamline and automate the numerous tasks related to employee hiring.
The system allows the recruiting managers to manage job postings, track, and review candidates, as well as scheduling interviews right from their intuitive user interface.
It also integrates with your website providing you with a seamless option to post job openings into your official website, social media accounts as well as job portals and multiple job boards to provide you with a diverse set of potential candidates.
GoHire ATS also helps you to easily overview and evaluate every candidate within a single activity dashboard.
Additionally, GoHire ATS parses through the candidate resumes to help you easily shortlist them, further improving the efficiency of the recruitment process.
It also assists you with background screening of the potential candidates as well as provides in-depth insights and custom reports to help you make data-backed decisions.

4. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is an AI-based recruitment software that utilizes AI to match candidates with openings, by ensuring they are the ideal culture fit.
The system provides ‘TrafficBoost’, which can instantly post jobs to over 100 job boards, for both all the job boards and postings and openings or vacancies with a requirement to fill a role quickly.
They also provide a dedicated applicant tracking software system which helps in swiftly screening the candidates efficiently.
ZipRecruiter is ideal for mid-size to large organizations that have constant candidate requirements.
With an intuitive user interface and simplified processing, it aims to streamline recruitment tasks to provide HR and recruiters with additional time to strategize candidate engagement activities.
It undertakes almost all clerical tasks related to hiring, leaving HR with adequate time to implement engagement activities.
The software also comes with an easy-to-use dashboard along with seamless integration with external applicant tracking software to provide maximum Returns On Investment (ROI).
It also comes with customizable job templates for developing job descriptions quickly, as well as free trial for checking out the features before paying.

5. JazzHR

JazzHR is another excellent choice for recruiting the best talent effortlessly.
It aims to streamline the numerous recruitment-related tasks such as candidate sourcing, employer branding, conducting interviews, interview scheduling, and assessments for hiring managers, compliance and reporting, collaborative hiring, candidate relationship management and more for recruiting firms.
Being a cloud-based solution, it is highly customizable and can be deployed in any organization quickly.
JazzHR also integrates with your existing HR and business software.
It enables you to personalize your processes and create customizable assets to boost your employer brand.
The software also helps source more qualified candidates by ranking and tracking candidates within a few clicks.
It even has dedicated candidate engagement features such as personalized processes, consistent messaging, customized career page creation, branded messaging, customizable workflows, and more.
The software also provides multiple options to digitize and automate the entire recruitment workflow.
It enables easier interview scheduling with synchronized interview scheduling calendars, guided interviews, in-depth questionnaires, candidate ranking, evaluation templates, and more.

6. Breezy

Breezy is an all-in-one recruitment management software solution that enables simplified hiring process, right from creating the jobs and sourcing candidates, to placing them in roles that are the right fit for their profile.
Additionally, it enables quicker recruiting with centralized dashboards, fair candidate evaluations, and more to make the recruitment process efficient.
Breezy aims to automate the entire recruitment process using enhanced features like a drag-and-drop hiring pipeline, rich candidate profiles, seamless SMS and email integration, hiring stage-based actions, touchless pre-screening, calendar integration, and more.
Such automated processes result in an inclusive recruitment process resulting in diverse candidates.
The software also provides easy access to over 50 job boards to instantly share your own job posting online and increase its visibility.
It can also create quick and intuitive career websites for you to ensure increased candidate activity.
It also comes with the option of collaborating with the recruiting team, and other stakeholders to ensure the right candidate is selected.

7. HiringThing


HiringThing is a feature-rich, customizable, modern hiring platform-as-a-service that enables you to undertake the entire recruitment operations in easy steps.
It can also be integrated into other solutions to enable enhanced hiring features in any software.
Such kind of private label Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) enables HiringThing to be truly adaptable to the company and client requirements.
Using their well-documented API integrations, you can incorporate their recruiting solution into your proprietary recruitment software solution, and even market it as your own.
HiringThing also has a dedicated HiringThing Partner Experience program to provide a technically superior private label applicant tracking system, as well as, 360-degree support for the partners.
Since their solution is embeddable into proprietary systems, HiringThing is preferred by other software developers who wish to enable efficient and equitable recruitment operations in their business processes.

8. PCRecruiter

PCRecruiter is a data-centric recruitment software in India that streamlines the process of hiring and onboarding with the help of data.
It comes with several features such as a dedicated ATS and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which helps undertake the recruitment tasks quickly and flawlessly.
PCRecruiter comes with a slew of features such as sequencing, voice, email, and SMS integration, an intuitive mobile app, PCR capture and comprehensive searching, multi-function lists, Resume Inhaler (which is their version of a resume parser), and more.
It enables you to understand the analytics behind recruitment, with the help of contractor timesheets, job board analysis and a drag-and-drop candidate recruitment pipeline.
It can also generate EEO and GDPR-compliant reports that can be shared with the stakeholders for collaborative hiring.
The software also provides custom forms and workflows, as well as the ability to customize the screen layout for enhanced workflows.
Additionally, it also supports custom integrations, as it is an API-based recruiting software that aims to make the recruiting process simplified for all recruiters. It also has free trial for making your choice easier.

9. Zimyo

Zimyo is another popular HR and recruitment software in India, thanks to the multiple features that ensure timely streamlined hiring processes and onboarding of candidates.
The software has numerous features that streamline hiring, such as paperless onboarding, automated profile creation, Digilocker-based verification, e-joinee form, etc.
Being a comprehensive HRMS, Zimyo also integrates into other relevant HR software, making it a versatile tool in the HR arsenal.
The software also provides an organized view of the employee and company data, as it manages this data from a centralized repository of information.
It also helps avoid any manual data entry errors since the employees can make corrections if any errors are found.
Zimyo also enables you to enhance your employer brand by providing your staff with an employee onboarding kit.
It enables you to easily craft your new employee kit, which includes the company’s vision and mission statement, employee handbook, HR forms and policies.
The HR can also include videos for an engaging experience for the candidate. It has a free trial for helping you check out the features before paying for the software.

10. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a candidate recruitment and engagement software in India, and hence, it comes with a powerful ATS and a dedicated CRM.
Being a cloud-based solution, the recruitment software also provides enhanced scalability and customization options, along with remote hiring tools, to enable faster recruitment.
Being a complete recruitment system, Zoho Recruit helps you source talented candidates from over 75 online platforms, evaluate their competencies, and communicate with them effectively.
Since the software undertakes most of the administrative tasks associated with hiring, HR and hiring managers can further strategize and streamline their recruitment processes, enhancing the efficiency of the hiring process.
This platform also comes with advanced analytics to ensure an effective hiring process, while also having the ability to integrate with over 50 commonly used tools in recruitment and HR.
It provides recruitment marketing, staffing agencies talent and recruitment management software, applicant tracking, evaluation and assessment, as well as an enhanced candidate experience to ensure that you hire the best talent. It also has a free trial for easier choice.


Recruitment software is an essential part of the HR department as it enables you to find and hire the best talent for your company, while also restraining yourself within a budget.
Since hiring is essential for any organization, it is essential to have a dedicated hiring team, recruitment management software and system in your organization.
Hence, we have provided the best features of the top 10 recruitment software in India in this article.
We suggest that you view the details of each recruitment software and understand which features are essential for your requirements.
Once you have made a list of these features, you can approach the recruitment software vendor and enquire about their customization options.