10 Must-Register Job Boards for 2023 Job Seekers

10 Must-Register Job Boards for 2023 Job Seekers


In today's growing job market, knowing the right company through having access to the right job boards creates an impact. 

Job boards serve as a bridge between job seekers and potential employers, facilitating the process of connecting talent with companies actively looking for skillful people. 

They provide a centralised platform where candidates can explore a wide range of job openings, submit applications, and showcase their skills and qualifications. 

Job search statistics say 30% of the global workforce is actively searching for jobs, while the remaining 70% is passive. Online platforms are the top source of searching for job leads. Compensation, career development, and a good life/work balance are the most important incentives to offer.

If you want to gain access to an extensive network of reputable companies across various industries. A list of job portals can tailor their search based on specific criteria such as location, industry, job level, and salary range, allowing you to focus on relevant opportunities. 

Overall, staying informed about fresher job sites is important for candidates seeking employment, as these platforms serve as invaluable tools for connecting with the right companies and securing their desired roles.

Below job boards can be considered the best job sites for freshers and job portals for recruiters for hiring. 



LinkedIn Jobs is a powerful job board that offers numerous advantages to job seekers. With its extensive professional network, LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for networking and making connections, increasing the chances of discovering hidden job opportunities. 

The pay-per-click options are affordable and allow job postings to gain enhanced visibility among potential candidates. Additionally, the easy application process, including the option to upload resumes and cover letters, simplifies the application submission. 

The platform's job recommendation feature, based on the user's profile and preferences, helps candidates discover relevant job openings. LinkedIn also offers interactive features like Polls, Connection options, and Informative content in experts' fields, enabling users to gather insights and share engaging content.



Indeed is another widely used job board that provides valuable features for job seekers. The platform allows job seekers to search for salaries by job title and location, providing information on compensation expectations. 

Moreover, the company review page on its website allows candidates to evaluate employers based on feedback from current or past employees. 

Indeed's resume upload and creation options simplify the application process, while the skills assessments feature helps showcase and validate job seekers' skills. 

However, it's worth noting that Indeed is primarily focused on lower-tiered roles and applicants and may be less prominent for executive-level positions. 



Techfynder is a global platform with 1.6 million on the platform. The platform is used in over 180 countries. Jobseekers from varied industries are registered to reach potential opportunities worldwide. 

Free job alerts reach every day to jobseekers. There is in-house free recruiter support with a hybrid method to help jobseekers to crack the interview once getting shortlisted. The main touch-point is they can personally get in touch with experts without any fee attached to it. 

The countries that are active in the Techfynder portal are India, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, and UAE. Jobseekers can customise their choices of getting a job from the portal as it is powered by AI. 

Techfynder's content on the website builds jobseeker bandwidth to curate resumes on their own. Freshers and experienced level candidates can build resumes on-point to reach recruiters' attention in the platform.

The jobs available in the platform are across all industries with entry and executive-level jobs for all.

The only thing it asks from jobseekers is an upload of your CV, your preferences and skills are used best by the AI to find the right fit for the job for your profile. Millions of job alerts are curated matching jobseekers' profiles.


Foundit (Monster)

Monster, a well-known job board, offers various features to assist job seekers. While some services, like featured profile options and certain career booster packages, require payment. 

Monster provides resources such as resume writing packages and mock interviews to enhance job seekers' chances in a package-based system.

Additionally, Monster offers e-programs and job description templates to support applicants throughout their job hunt journey. 

The platform sends email alerts about new matching resumes, helping job seekers stay updated on relevant opportunities. 



CareerBuilder is a comprehensive job board that provides valuable tools and features for both job seekers and employers. 

Users can add their resumes, search for jobs by location, and access career advice resources. The recruiting platform allows users to rate, sort, save, and comment on job applicants, streamlining the hiring process. 

CareerBuilder also integrates with employers' applicant tracking systems, providing a centralised dashboard to manage recruitment and communicate with candidates. 

However, it's important to note that CareerBuilder does not offer free plans or trials, and certain features like targeted recruitment emails are available only in more expensive plans. 

The platform is known for attracting highly qualified candidates, making it prominent for executive-level positions. Especially jobseekers who are based in the U.S.


List of 10 best job portals in India and Worldwide for Jobseekers and Recruiters


SimplyHired is a job board that offers user-friendly features for job seekers. It allows users to build their resumes, estimates salaries, and access company reviews for a better understanding of potential employers. 

The platform uses a pay-per-contact pricing structure, and the cost to contact applicants varies depending on the job and location. 

While SimplyHired does not offer the option to sponsor listings for increased visibility, it distributes each listing to multiple job boards, increasing exposure. Jobseekers searching here are mostly from the U.S.



Naukri.com is a prominent job board in India that provides unique features to job seekers. It grants access to unadvertised jobs, delivers job recommendations to users' inboxes, and allows tracking of recruiter responses. 

Their subscription offers hiring guidance, usage statistics, and customised job searches, enhancing profile scanning efficiency. 

Naukri.com also provides a skill assessment tool to help job seekers showcase their abilities. Recruiters can benefit from resume database access, listings, and response management tools available through the platform's paid subscription models.



Dice specialises in recruiting tech talent, offering features tailored to the industry. With the free Starter plan, employers can post unlimited jobs, message candidates, and utilize the tracking system without any cost. 

The Recruit Pro plan provides additional benefits like advanced search filters, pitch templates, and instant scheduling. Dice allows recruiters to expand beyond traditional parameters, such as distance from an office, to find candidates who may not be physically located but are available during core business hours. 

This flexibility is particularly useful for tech positions that can be performed remotely. It is based in New York with more opportunities for U.S based tech applicants.



Hirect stands out with its chat facility, enabling direct communication between candidates and recruiters. 

Recruiters enjoy a 3-day complimentary trial with 30 chat initiations per day, and after that, they are charged for additional chat initiations. Hirect's freemium model allows recruiters to use all features without restrictions initially. 

The platform also integrates video interviews within the app, eliminating the need for sharing personal information. AI algorithm matching and voice and video calling capabilities further enhance the hiring experience.



Instahyre uses advanced algorithms to match job searches, ensuring that candidates are presented with relevant opportunities. 

The platform incorporates employer branding features to attract talent and automatically generates personalised emails to recruiters. 

While the free plan offers limited candidate profiles from India, recruiters have unlimited access to candidates through paid options. 

Subscriptions are available for 6 or 12 months, and Instahyre offers interview scheduling on behalf of recruiters, streamlining the hiring process.

These job boards provide a range of features and benefits to job seekers, including extensive networks, tailored recommendations, resume building, skill assessments, and various pricing options.

It is always best to gauge as a candidate that the job boards are providing the necessary assistance to land in the right opportunity. 

Connecting candidates with the right companies, streamlining the job search process, and enhancing candidate learning. You, as a jobseeker can keep yourself registered on these platforms to increase your visibility, access a wider pool of job openings, and find your ideal roles.

You can take a call out of these 10 job boards, which fits your requirement and fulfils the ideal role of finding you what you need. Note, it must first be able to find you a job and then provide the learnings for free.