10 Ways to Network with Recruiters on LinkedIn

10 Ways to Network with Recruiters on LinkedIn

Published By Dakshyani


Jobseekers on LinkedIn must start networking before applying for jobs. There are a few key ways to network with recruiters that can be extremely beneficial in your job search. First, LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with recruiters. You can search for recruiters in your industry or region and send them a connection request. Once you are connected, you can start building a relationship by engaging with their content and participating in discussions. Optimise it today. 


1. Connect with as Many Recruiters as Possible

LinkedIn is varied in matters of connection. Especially when you use it through a desktop, there are filters. Through these filters, you can target people on the platform. Jobseekers can do this research on companies. All you can do is send the recruiter's connection request. Once they accept, you can send them your pitch. Connections in the professional social media platform help grow your network.  


2. Seek Out Forums that Focus on Recruiting

There are groups on LinkedIn that have a big circle. You can request the admin to let you in. You'll get notifications that will be helpful to build your career. HRs normally give shout-outs to these groups. They regularly post vacancy-related information. Normally, these posts have links where you apply for jobs. Hiring platforms keep reaching out. You can always leave a comment or connect with recruiters on these platforms.


3. Share articles and blog posts that would be of interest to recruiters

We all as jobseeker must know how to write content for ourselves. We have unique experiences that need to be heard. Recruiters will connect more when they read out what you share. It can be in the form of an article or a blog post. You can answer your views in Quora. Accept LinkedIn and write blogs on the medium platform. Write crisp, attention-seeking tweets. More importantly, you use researched hashtags to reach them. 


4. Endorse other professionals in your network, including recruiters

There is a great possibility you can have a bunch of followers on different writing platforms. If your content and connection strategy work. People will wait to hire you.  In this case, you can also help other professionals with opportunities who are looking for jobs. They can provide you with the data and you can endorse them in your platform. A maintained jobseeker platform will always have a better offer from recruiters due to their daily presentation skills.  


5. Connect with recruiters on platforms like Twitter 

Apart from LinkedIn, it's important you connect with recruiters on varied platforms. Recruiters from different countries are active in a Twitter circle. Enhance your Twitter game. All you need is control over your word limit. It takes skill to express well in limited words. What you can put well is tweets regarding your skills. These days, there are content strategies even for Twitter. All job seekers have to do is create threads of information to post. Skillful information always has a high rich. 


6. Attend recruiting events and job fairs

Corporate cities that have a lot of offices, do organise a job fair for jobseekers around. All you need to know is the date, time, and venue. Recruiters in these events, present their companies. Job fairs are information on bulk vacancies. As a job seeker, anybody must visit and interact with recruiters personally. A face-to-face visit gives you a better idea of the company's requirements. If you are ready to apply, you can also submit your resume. 


7. Sign up for job alerts from recruiting firms

To assist job seekers these days, recruitment companies give job alerts for free. These companies regularly have great contacts with companies. Companies with candidate requirements post it on portals, and in return, the recruiting firms post it as job alerts. There are many official channels where we keep getting job alerts. Searching on our own is great, but this assistance from companies to search for jobs is even better. Don't miss out on any information. 


8. Use LinkedIn’s InMail feature to reach out

LinkedIn InMail feature comes with the premium plan. As a job seeker, if you have some saved money, get the monthly premium plan that is around 1600 in Indian currency. At times with the recruiters, we want to reach out they either are very busy accepting connections, or they lock their profile. As a job seeker, only if you have a specific person reach-out plan, LinkedIn InMail is a good option. You can write to them personally, target your work, and increase the chances of getting their call back. Also, research if they have a vacancy related to your profile on the company page.



9. Stay up to date on changes in the recruiting landscape

Staying with the trend is a great help. Recruiting has also changed much since the pandemic. Earlier there was no remote hiring but these days it happens in bulk. Earlier being aware of a work-life balance was not much of a thing, but today, it is. As a fresher or experienced holder, you must be self-aware about what you need from a company you are applying to. If you are a job seeker who is looking for a balance in work & life, it's better you reach out to those recruiters accordingly. The list needs to be clear on what we want from a job except for the money of course. 



10. Keep your LinkedIn profile updated, including keywords 

LinkedIn is a platform that we most people end up taking lightly. It is one of the global top platforms that has given space to all companies for their businesses. Also free for job seekers to use and reach out to recruiters easily. The search engine LinkedIn works with keywords. The top of your profile is a zone of keywords. When you put related keywords in your field. Recruiters searching for you on the platform can reach you through this given keyword on your profile. 

Building relationships with recruiters is indeed crucial for job seekers. Connecting with them at industry events, reaching out directly through email or phone, and utilizing platforms like Telegram for job updates are valuable strategies.

By the way, if you're interested in enhancing your networking efforts, consider using email verifier tools. These tools can help ensure that your emails reach the intended recipients and maintain a professional and effective communication process. Email verifiers validate email addresses, reducing the chances of your messages bouncing back or being marked as spam.

Feel free to share this information with your job-seeking friends, and best of luck with your networking and job search endeavors!