10 tips for Onboarding a New Hire

10 tips for Onboarding a New Hire

Published By Dakhsyani

The first step to employee retention starts with onboarding. How you onboard your new employee matters the most. The place your employee spends half their day must be familiar and stay-worthy. Only a positive vibe can attract candidates, so they come to the office with the same feeling. Team Engagement, Teamwork, and a Healthy Work-life culture will make them want to return. Office culture must have a taste of home. Onboarding Talents will be a cakewalk from here on. Let’s Discuss this.


1. Invite Cordially with the Offer Letter: Onboard

Once you confirm employees are joining with this salary in hand. The next thing is to prepare a company offer letter for the respective employee. Send an email with cordial confirmation about their joining with the attachment of the offer letter. You can also inform them why they made it to this position. What made the interviewers like it the most? How the team is looking forward to their contribution. They will also grow multi-fold in the growing company and with a team included.


2. Delegate Team Members to make Office Familiar

The specific team must have selected team members who will support you in onboarding upcoming employees. Team members with the same line of career can assist them to know the space better. They can accompany from the start, engaging in healthy conversation. Existing employee experience sharing while onboarding will motivate them to consider joining. They can handle any assistance, query, work, or question mark from the new employee side.


3. Complete Basic Formalities of Information

The basic formalities might take a long time to fill up the forms. But it must get over in wholesome conversation. Looking into HR documents will be a little time-consuming, but it can be fun if arranged so. Make them feel, it is not all about academics, it’s the experience that counts. As a recruiter, you can share some best experiences of the office. How you look ahead with the company’s vision can also be made acquainted.


4. Handover their Office Laptop with the Official Email

The office laptop must be ready before they finish filling up the forms. The getting hired feeling after the offer letter is an office laptop and official mail ID. Finally, you are included as a part of the company. All this to happen smoothly, needs planning. You, as a recruiter, know when your new joinee is arriving at the office. It is better we also onboard our technical team to prepare these basic things of highlight. People on the first day always keep a lot of patience, in case they have to wait. A smooth process makes them like the place more.


5. Welcome them to Office Internal Groups

The various group’s office has, included new employees by introducing them by the name of their roles. Let the whole team know what role they will play from the start. When others in offices welcome them, it is another step toward inclusion. Small steps like this make an employee feel worthwhile. The team's wishes are needed on the first day of anybody’s joining.


6. Introduce them on the Official Social Accounts

Recruiters can use official socials to welcome new employees. When you are growing as a company, the social account spaces take this as the credibility of growth, the new hiring. Let the social account manager highlight the new employee’s experience, their strengths, and how the company is looking forward to their part to be played together in their personal & company growth.


7. The First Day Should be All About Conversations

Let the first day be all about conversations. The opening up is vital, and it gets initiated with casual conversations. We should show interest in other aspects of life that your new employee is interested in discussing. The conversation opens up the space to build trust. A place anybody feels heard will always feel like visiting again. More importantly, they must feel like contributing more to the company’s growth.


8. Let the Onboarding Day be a Lunch Together at the Office

Try to keep the onboarding day when the office can organize a lunch together. Introducing virtually to real must happen. Good food and a good time make it memorable. People love memories. They will have the thirst within them to make it again here in this place like this as a group. New employees understand the growth in the conversations of existing employees. They see them in other employees. Hence, relief regarding their career growth is important.


9. Encourage Employees to Write about their First Day

When the first day is executed successfully, let the new employees share their experience, tagging the company and employees who accompanied them. They will pen down the honest feeling of their first day. The best experience will be highlighted in the social media accounts. People following the company page will understand your efforts toward your employees. A company that takes its employees first, grows!


10. Office Personalised Gifts on Onboarding Day

Personalized cups, headphones, and many more will have a touch of the company in them. These gifts will remind them about their first day. Anything useful during employment is always appreciated. The remote workers joining must also receive the same attention. Recruiters’ soft skills to make an ambiance were onboarding offline and online, in the experience must be same. The results of their sharing will also be the same.


Onboarding new hire is a skill altogether. Planning ahead of time is vital. Everything for the new person must be smooth. Keep your itineraries ready when you are about to onboard remote plus onsite employees. This will help you execute every point well. Techfynder has also a bunch of recruiters who have been consistently assisting companies in hiring new candidates. Join the platform with the free job posting. Techfynder will take care of the hiring, you take care of the onboarding quality. We both together can make your company experience better.