How to Write a Relieving Letter: The Quick & Easy Guide

How to Write a Relieving Letter: The Quick & Easy Guide


A relieving letter is a formal document issued by an employer to an employee upon the completion of their employment. In other words, it is called formal notice. It is a document that serves as a record of the employee’s service and is often required when applying for a new job.

Writing a relieving letter is very important for both the employer and the employee. Once the employer receives a relieving letter, it is proof that the employee has finished all the commitments with their previous employer, which is a must for an employee to join their next company.

This guide will outline what a relieving letter is, how to write one in the right way, importantly, what should be included in it. After reading this guide, you'll have everything you need to start writing relieving letters.

First, ask for a relieving letter the right way.

Once you have decided to leave your place of employment, the expert thing is to present a resignation letter to the manager. State the intention to resign. Upon receipt of your resignation letter HR manager will facilitate the process of the notice period which might take about two weeks to about a month. Issuing a relieving letter will take the process one step closer.

In that case, maintaining a positive relationship with your company is not a task to make a smooth transition to your future company. While being on notice period, you can inform your HR regarding a relieving letter. This will be an official letter where there will no more associations with your current can be found. Stay in touch with the company for a long-run connection and the years you've spent in the company.


When is a relieving letter given?

The relieving letter which is also termed an experience letter is given to the employee after his/her resignation letter. This is accepted and is usually given on the last week's notice period or the last working day. The letter mentions the Joining date, Designation, Last working date, etc. stating that the employee has completed their roles and responsibilities with their present company and can join their future company. It is one way of full and final settlement and a way forward.

This letter is a trust that can help any job seeker naturally build in the upcoming company. The current company gets the benefit of the doubt from the job seeker side. At the same time, any employer must provide a relieving letter on time to the employee for a smooth transition. 


Relieving Letter format

The relieving letter sample for reference for recruiters. Referring to the sample relieving letter let us understand step by step how to craft a new one:

Craft the Subject - Relieving letter for Ms. ABC with the Employee ID number.
Date of relieving - In case of any misunderstanding this information becomes vital.
Employees' whereabouts - consists of Employee's full name, Employee ID number, current Company Name, and Place
In the letter - The Employee's Joining date, last date in the company, and designation. This is accepted on the position of an employer, the relieving about his/her resignation letter.
Praising the Efforts - Express your appreciation for the employee’s service and wish them success in their future corporate journey.
Signature - In the end, write how they were an asset to the company through their work, name, and the date of issue.

Now Sample:

Employee’s official email:

Subject: Relieving letter for Ms./Mr. ABC. Employee ID no -ABC-HY-52-8997.

8th November 2023. 

Ms. XYZ.

Employee Code: XYZ-FG-52-3884

Company Name 


This is to confirm that Ms. ABC contributed to our company from January 3, 2018, to November 4, 2022. She was a 'Position name' at the time of his/her association with the company. Concerning her letter of resignation, we are delighted to let him/her move on for a better future as of November 8, 2021.

Her professional character and charisma towards her/his work time with us were deemed to be satisfactory. We wish her a great adventure with his/her passion that will end up giving her/him a promising career.  

With regards,

For (Company or new employer name)

Authorized Signatory

Signature with date

HR Manager

To Get Relieving letter, First is Resignation Letter

This is the formal resignation letter format. To help the job seeker, it is one resignation letter template. Writing a resignation letter is the first and most important step to notify the company that you are wishing to quit. Once they know this, they will put you in the required notice period, and prepare the relieving letter accordingly. 

Respected 'Full name',

I am grateful for the professional experience; I have gained while working here. I am informing you of my final say on departing the company. Throughout the process, support you to make the transition process smooth both ways.

This formal letter is to inform you that I, 'full name' am resigning from my position as 'Current position' with 'Current corporate Name'. I wish to end my employment 'on this date'(resignation date). I will greatly appreciate it if you can provide the relieving letter on the same date. I have learned immensely in my time with the company and appreciate the teamwork I have witnessed here.

Kindly let me know if there is anything I can do to make the transition smoother. I'm glad you allowed me to work with your company at this time duration.  

Best Regards,

'Full name, Designation.'


Importance of Writing a Relieving Letter

Before we start writing a professional relieving letter, we need to consider a few points to ensure it looks professional. The first is that the letter should not exceed one page. Second, ensure you use the correct fonts that look professional, like Georgia and Merriweather. The font size can be between 10 to 12, and third, it should be issued on the company's letterhead.

It is written proof from your present employer that you do not hold any previous company internal data and have cleared all the formalities to leave the company. This is how you will proceed to the next company without any hassle. It becomes more relevant when you apply for new opportunities, this certificate will work as an experience letter. A letter that defines your previous past career history in last company.

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