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We have developed a platform which is designed solely for professional contractors to connect globally with businesses, in Banking, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Human Resources & Recruitment, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Food, Sales & Marketing.

Find contract opportunities with remote or onsite work wherever you want and view all contractor opportunities live for free. Our intelligent platform matches top quality contractors with roles for which they’re most qualified and most likely to get. Our matching algorithms also considers your skills, experience, preferred rates, and location. It helps you plan your next contract and work with some of the best companies across all sectors around the globe.

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    Signup, register and complete your techfynder profile. Get found quicker by highlighting your skills, experience, daily rates, location and length of contract.

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    View & plan your next opportunities by rate, location & industry. Be found directly based on your profile. Shortlist your favourite contracts, add friends to the network and so much more.

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    Communicate & setup interviews, then accept offers, sign contract, and start your new position. All through one platform.

Benefits for Contractors

  • Setup a Contractor profile for free and apply for the jobs in the leading companies worldwide, increase your global appearance using our platform.

  • Communicate directly with the hiring managers and get an immediate feedback.

  • Create a shortlist of opportunities, manage your applications in real time and preplan your next contract.

  • Discover contracts at your rates, with your skills at your location

Create you Techfynder Profile

  • First Impressions count! Your profile is the first thing that will be seen by the potential employer. Thus, your profile should always give the right impression! Complete all fields to rank higher as a contractor.

  • Creating a quality digital profile that outlines all the information the hiring managers need to know, from career achievements, skillsets, desired location, to availability and expected daily rate will help you stand out from the rest.

  • Successful contractors have their profiles complete and up-to date. Creating a Techfynder profile is quick and simple to complete.

Explore contracting jobs worldwide

  • After you set up your profile, you are all set to start exploring jobs in locations worldwide, browse by cities, title or skills.

  • Our platform is updated every day with the latest contracting opportunities and you’ll also be able to view key information regarding the contract role, such as job description, job sector, duration, company name, rates, location and visa sponsorship.

  • Always shortlist the jobs you are interested in and review your rates. If you see a contract that best suits your goals and aptitudes, apply directly!

Let Techfynder find the professional job opportunities for you

  • Companies search for professional contractors by filtering sector, skillset, location, rate, and availability. This brings up profiles of contractors to whom the companies can then send message invites.

  • Every time you apply or are shortlisted for an opportunity, it comes directly from the business as they review profiles sometimes before posting the actual jobs.

  • Once an initial connection has been made, you can communicate, organise interviews, accept offers, sign a contract, and start your new position - all through our specialist platform.

  • We also have a job alert feature that helps you receive an email notification whenever new jobs are posted, keeping you up-to-date, and on top of your job hunt.