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Techfynder Expands Beyond IT Roles

More than 50,000 IT contractors in 120 countries have registered with Techfynder, the online recruitment platform launched in Dublin last October by entrepreneur Praveen Madire.

Now, in response to demand for more contract workers in sectors outside tech, Madire is expanding the platform to include specialist roles in the pharmaceuticaland engineering field.

“We’re getting queries from employers in the pharmaceutical sector, looking for contract validation engineers and cleanroom technicians. We’re working with Johnson & Johnson and Astellas Pharma,” Madire said.

“We’ve also had queries from employers in banking and insurance. Now that we’ve proven the Techfynder platform in the IT field, we want to expand into other verticals.”

The impact of Covid-19 on employment trends worldwide is driving demand for both fixed-term contract and remote workers. Employers are now more willing to look at hiring contractors in other countries for critical roles in all sectors.

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