Mega Job Fair - 2022

Date and Time : 23rd July & 24th July - 2022

Venue Address :

VR Siddartha Engineering College & PVP Siddartha Engineering College, Vijayawada


Techfynder is a great place to get started! We have tons of opportunities that are all updated daily. The team truly works tirelessly to put together some very lovingly curated jobs.

At Techfynder, we see technology not just as something to advance our standard of living and make us more productive, but also as an opportunity to fundamentally change the state of society for the better. Put differently, we believe in using technology to create a more inclusive society that provides equal opportunities for people from all walks of life.

We at Techfynder will be delighted to partner with Nipuna Human Development Society, which is an organization striving to build strong communities by alleviating youth unemployment through thoughtful job opportunities by conducting fairs like campaigns all over India.

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