Abhishek Rai

  • Java Full Stack Developer

Exp : Fresher

India Karnataka

Email : ab*****

Contact : 91 91*****

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1 spring and Spring Boot
2 java
3 Spring Jdbc
4 Spring Boot
6 Javascript
7 JSP and Servlets
9 J2EE
10 Hibernate
12 CSS
Profile Summary :

Dear Sir/Madam, If you're seeking a dynamic problem solver with a flair for innovation and a passion for Java Full Stack Development, your search ends here. I am thrilled to apply for the Fresher/ Developer role, blending my training, certificates, and hands-on project experience into a potent mix of expertise and enthusiasm. During my Java Full Stack Development journey, I didn't just learn languages and frameworks; I immersed myself in the art of crafting seamless digital experiences. My certificates stand as testaments to my dedication, while my project, a fusion of creativity and functionality, showcases my ability to turn concepts into reality. From front-end finesse to back-end robustness, I thrive to show code and creativity. Beyond technical prowess, I bring a hunger for collaboration and a knack for innovation. Together, I believe we cannot only meet but exceed the expectations of tomorrow's digital landscape.

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