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Find & Hire Quality IT Contractors Globally

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The Only Dedicated Platform for Hiring Technology Contractors

IT Contractor

Current Problem:
  • Contractors finding it difficult to connect directly with companies

  • Planning and searching online for the next contract takes time

  • Planning of interview and communication is a long process

Techfynder Solution:
  • It is a free service connecting you with thousands of companies

  • Manage availability and pre-plan by logging in to our system

  • Discover contracts at your rates, with your skills at your location.

  • Avoid registering profile on numerous job portals

  • Receive matching job alerts in real time.


Current Problem:
  • Companies always in need of IT contractors globally.

  • Has the right skills, experience to work at client locations.

  • No dedicated platform/product to find/hire a IT contractor globally.

Techfynder Solution:
  • Search & find the right IT contractor based on availability,
    location, daily rate, skills and eligibility to work.

  • Save on Budget by avoiding advertising on platform & paying
    to vendor commission

Take the Pain out of Finding & be Found instead with Techfynder

  • This dedicated platform helps IT Contractors to connect directly to Companies Globally based on profile, experience, rates and location.

  • Business who are looking to hire IT contractors globally can subscribe to our platform, search IT contractors who meet their requirements and budget.

  • It's a direct one stop solution for hiring IT contractors globally.

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