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Techfynder is a unified platform that streamlines the process of hiring professional contractors.

  • We are the most trusted global recruitment platform for contract jobs in Banking, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Human Resources & Recruitment, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Food, Sales & Marketing. Assemble your perfect contracting team, hire contractors that fit your requirements by skills, experience, location and rates.

  • Finding your next contract job couldn't get easier with Techfynder. Browse full list of exciting contracting job opportunities, across all sectors and locations. Find and apply to remote or onsite jobs worldwide.


Current Problem:

  • Professional Contractors/Consultants find it difficult to connect directly with companies about current and upcoming projects.

  • Planning and searching online for the next contract take time.

  • The arrangement of interviews and communication is a long process.


Techfynder Solution:

  • It is a free skill service connecting your profile with companies.

  • You can manage your availability and pre-plan contract jobs.

  • Build a profile network with your rates, your skills and your location.

  • Receive matching job alerts and skill requests in real time.


Current Problem:

  • Professional contractors/consultants are becoming more in demand and companies today are actively looking to hire contractors for their in-demand skill set across all sectors.

  • HR and other Business Leaders across the globe are experiencing difficulties recruiting qualified and highly experienced contractors in various industries.

  • There is no dedicated platform for sourcing these highly skilled professional contractors globally

Techfynder Solution:

  • A direct platform that connects you with thousands of professional contractors globally.

  • Avoid spending your budget on advertising and many different platforms.

  • A simple subscription model with no commission for all sectors.

  • A strategic license that allows you 3/4 local technical recruiters and account manager.

Let Businesses know your Experience & Skills

For professional contractors, using Techfynder you can highlight your specific skills, experience, daily rates, and location. It is Free to join, just simply create a profile and upload resume. Once an initial connection has been made, you can communicate and organise interviews, accept offers, sign a contract, and start your new position - all through the platform.

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Here at Techfynder, we understand how the workforce has been progressively shifted away from a standard 9-to-5 working day and we embrace a labour force that is more flexible.

Find and hire professional contractors in Banking, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Human Resources & Recruitment, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Food, Sales & Marketing

Our AI will automatically map top quality contractors to your job posting or you can simply search directly through our talent base by selecting your requirements; skills, experience, location and rates.

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