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One Stop Solution to Hire Professional Contractors in all Sectors

Every business has different specifications they are looking to meet, our platform matches and provides access to in-demand professional contractors across different sectors who are open to hearing new opportunities.

Techfynder is the only subscription-based platform that avoids commission fees helping businesses to hire highly experienced professional contractors in various industries such as Banking, Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Engineering, Human Resources & Recruitment, Information Technology, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices, Life Sciences & Food, Sales & Marketing and Other located globally. Our powerful AI-based technology matches the exact criteria for both contractors and businesses to make the recruitment process easier and more efficient than ever. Techfynder has professionals in over 120 countries, making it a great place for businesses to start their search.

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  • Global Audience

    Global Audience

    Do you want to reach professional contractors across all industries? Access our talent pool with +120,000 top-quality contractors across 120 countries. Register today to experience how smart and direct our platform is. We make hiring global talent easy, fast, and simple worldwide.

  • Smart and Efficient

    Smart and Efficient

    An efficient recruitment platform designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time. Arrange interviews, communicate, and sign contracts with contractors via our all in one platform. One stop solution for all organisations of all sizes for hiring highly skilled contractors.

  • Cost Effective


    Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency & Grow Revenue. Say goodbye to expensive solutions, say hello to fixed price subscription. Designed for employers recruiting in the contracting marketplace, we are one of the most affordable recruitment solutions in the market, with subscriptions starting at just 69$/month.

Get started with the Techfynder Solution


    Once you have signed up and choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget, you can then create your business profile and start using the service


    Upload a contract position. Submit job description and details about the contractor you are looking for and start browsing thousands of live contractors across the marketplace by rate, skill, experience & client location.


    Once you select contractor candidate for the job posting, you can view their full resume, arrange interview, sign contracts, and communicate all via the platform.


    We have introduced a new feature that allows companies to send digital contracts to the professional contractors and our built-in electronic signature allows them to sign online securely.

Benefits for Clients

  • No commission. No hidden fees. Only subscription

    We are committed to providing businesses a range of complimentary services at an affordable cost. Say goodbye to expensive and overpriced solutions you use to hire highly qualified technology contractors.

  • Hire with confidence, on time and within budget

    Make your hire in days, speed up the initial hiring process by 70% and reduce your cost by 80%.

  • Streamlined and simplified hiring process

    Once contractors apply for the position, employers can then shortlist them to initiate contact, ask questions and organise interviews.

Discover and Connect with highly skilled contractors

  • Search contractors profile using specific filters and keywords. Receive relevant candidates directly as suggestions on your employer dashboard.

  • Alternatively, you can also express your interest in contractors by viewing their profile and messaging and interviewing them directly in order to know more about them.

  • Priorities postings, view success rates and add, amend, or delete postings.

  • You can manage all of these with a simple tap through our all in one innovative platform.


  • It has never been so easy to reach professional contractors. Choose a highly qualified and experienced contractor in your desired industry that best suits your company’s requirements and culture.

  • Ta- da! You found your next contractor for your perfect team, instantly!

Create job postings and contracts

  • Begin by creating an employer account profile, then you are ready to post your job.

  • Crafting a compelling job description is essential to help you attract the most qualified contractors for your job.

  • The job posting should provide them with all the relevant information like location, skills required to perform the job, daily rate, job title, and duration of the contract.