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Find Professional Talent Globally with Techfynder

Techfynder is the first dedicated platform that enables companies to directly source and hire professional talent globally, without paying any commissions. Our service manages the complete recruiting admin operation process from hiring, verification, onboarding and payroll.

Our AI-based technology allows our customers to automatically create a shortlist of quality candidates that meets their requirements based on:

  • Years of experience
  • Job title and types of skills
  • Daily/weekly rates
  • Availability
  • Locations

Our service includes direct hiring, background verifications checks on candidates, pre-screening interviews, direct messaging, shortlisting and full onboarding with payroll.

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  • Global Audience

    Global Audience

    Do you want to reach professional talent worldwide? Access our professional platform with over 230,000 professionals in over 130 countries. Register today to access our platform is. We make hiring global professional talent easy, fast, and simple worldwide.

  • Smart and Efficient

    Smart and Efficient

    An efficient recruitment platform designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time. Source, select and hire candidates plus arrange interviews and communicate directly all in one platform. Techfynder is a one stop solution for all recruiting and talent acquisition managers for hiring highly skilled professional talent.

  • Cost Effective


    Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency & Grow Revenue. Say goodbye to expensive solutions, say hello to fixed price subscription. Designed for employers recruiting in the contracting marketplace, we are one of the most affordable recruitment solutions in the market, with subscriptions starting at just 69$/month.

Get started with the Techfynder Solution


    Choose a subscription plan that fits your needs and budget, you can then create your business profile and start using the service.


    Simple upload your job description and details, our AI will show you the best fits for your requirements. Or start browsing thousands of live professionals across the marketplace by rate, skill, experience & client location.


    Once you select required candidate for the job posting, you can view their full resume, arrange interview, sign contracts, and communicate all via the platform.


    We have introduced a new feature that allows companies to send digital contracts to the professional contractors and our built-in electronic signature allows them to sign online securely.

Benefits for Clients

  • Standard or Premium Subscription:

    • Client sources, selects and hires for their requirements using tool.
    • They can create 2/5 jobs per month and all applications are free.
    • You can interview and communicate to candidates within product.
    • Download 30/50 profiles per month.
    • Create your own shortlists of candidates based on searches.
  • Strategic License:

    • We will manage all admin and deployment of your requirements.
    • Evaluate job descriptions, evaluate rates per location.
    • Place all of your jobs on platform and promote where appropriate.
    • Source all candidates on Techfynder and other networks.
    • You will receive a dedicated manager and 3/5 senior recruiter.
    • We interview and pre-screening all candidates on specific skills sets.
    • We run background verification checks and offer PayRoll services.

Discover and hire professional talent:

  • Discover and hire professional talent:

  • Receive relevant candidates directly as suggestions on your employer dashboard.

  • Priorities postings, view success rates and add, amend, or delete postings.

  • You can manage all of these with a simple tap through our all in one innovative platform


  • It has never been so easy to reach professional jobseekers. Choose a highly qualified and experienced professionals in your desired industry that best suits your company’s requirements and culture.

  • Ta- da! You found your next professional for your perfect team, instantly!

Create job postings

  • Begin by creating an employer account profile, then you are ready to post your job.

  • Crafting a compelling job description is essential to help you attract the most qualified professional for your job.

  • The job posting should provide them with all the relevant information like location, skills required to perform the job, daily rate, job title, and duration of the job.