Techfynder is a Software-as-a-Service platform to advertise jobs, products or services and to download over 2 million profiles across the world. 

Job Posting & Profile Search:
We provide access to professional talent from all sectors on a global scale. Our AI-based technology matches candidates that fit your requirements and you can then view all applications to decide if you want to keep or reject them, we also provide suggested profiles.
Using the shortlist functionality, you can build your database to plan for your projects as well as email communication on a larger scale.

Advertisement Services:
By using the Techfynder database there are many options depending on your target audience, you can email a database using filters, like job experience, locations, skill level and job title. If you wish to promote your product or service you can create adverts on our site on specific pages relating to your service. Finally, we can curate content for you and promote and advertise on all social media channels.


Job Postings - Build a plan that suits you.

  • Post up to 20 jobs per month and receive unlimited candidates
  • All Job Postings will be placed on our social media channels
  • The company profile will be on the Techfynder homepage
  • View all work references within the portal
  • Shortlist and segment all applications

Database Search - Get Access to a Global Portal

  • Search & download from 2 million profiles/resumes
  • Send bulk emails directly to specific databases
  • Directly message candidates through the portal
  • Set up interviews online or in person


Advertise your Products or Services

  • Publish your content to millions
  • Run campaigns on Social Media accounts to target the audience
  • Send marketing emails directly to specific databases.
  • Create on-site advertisements to create brand awareness
  • Review the analysis of your campaigns